How can you offer premium products at such low prices?

WordPress is open source software and licensed under the GPL, theme and plugin developers who create derivative works (i.e software that relies on WordPress to function) are encouraged to adopt the same licensing structure as WordPress, and many do. The GPL allows users to use, share, modify and redistribute software as they please. This enables us to redistribute software developed by authors such as WooThemes, Gravity Forms, WPML & more for a much lower price than charged by the original authors.

Why should I buy from

Here at GPLclub we’ve taken a fresh look at premium WordPress, in particular WooCommerce. We believe it’s too expensive to set up and maintain a WordPress site or WooCommerce store. This is mostly caused by the bundling of support and code into one expensive package, we’ve unraveled this and offer you just the code you want, not the support you’re forced to pay for.

What don’t I get from

To be able to offer such low prices, we are unable to provide any support for the purchased products. Please consider buying from the original author if you need support. Alternatively, post your questions in our community forums or providers such as Tweaky and Codeable provide ad-hoc & affordable WordPress help.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please see our terms page here: Terms & Conditions

How do updates work?

Updates are provided if and when they are made available from the original author. Currently we will email you when a product you have purchased is available for an update is available, which you can then download from your account page. One-Click updates are planned and will be available to all customers when we’ve got everything up to scratch.

I’m looking for product x, will you sell it?

We’re constantly adding new products, but we do have high standards for the extensions, plugins or themes we sell. Suggest & vote on new products on our feedback page.