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Product CSV Import Suite WooCommerce Extension

WooThemes Price: $199

Our Price: $25

Official Page: woothemes.com, Documentation: docs.woothemes.com

Product CSV import suite is a must have extension if you need to import or export a large number of products into your WooCommerce store. Download the latest version 1.10.8 (Released 2016.02.19) for just $25, including updates for 1 Year.

With support for text based product data, images, variations and custom taxonomies, attributes & more it will make your life a lot easier when moving data around!

The plugin takes your CSV and maps the columns to the fields that you would normally complete through the WordPress Admin Screens. So, for example, the post_title column is mapped to your product name, which uses the post title field; the price field is mapped to the price you set for your product. For the plugin to work correctly, all of the column headers must be correct, and all of the fields you fill in must be in the correct format. If there are any deviations your import may fail. See this document on creating the perfect CSV file ready for import.


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