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Product Add-Ons WooCommerce Extension

WooThemes Price: 49$

Our Price: 10$

Official Page: woothemes.com

Product Add-ons for WooCommerce enables users to customize the products in your store through additional fields. Add text areas, checkboxes, radios, custom prices and file uploads for your customers to fill out.

Product Add-ons makes it easy for you to offer customized, personalised products to your customers.

Enable add-ons globally, to certain product categories or on a per-product basis, free options or paid for, required or optional. It’s all you need to add value and upsell your existing products!

Currently there are the following options for addons:

  • checkbox
  • radio buttons
  • select box
  • custom input (text)
  • custom input (text area)
  • file upload
  • custom price input

Support for variable products is also included.

Example Product Add on
Example Product Add on for an engraved product. 
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