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Order/Customer CSV Export Extension

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Official Page: woothemes.com, Documentation: docs.woothemes.com

The WooComerce Order & Customer CSV Export extension allows you to export your valuable data to other accounting systems or external analysis. With the ability to export individual orders or bulk exports, on either an ad-hoc basis or at regular intervals it’s a must have extension for WooCommerce stores. Exports can be downloaded from the Wp-admin or automatically by FTP or HTTP POST for maximum flexibility.

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You can now export orders from your WooCommerce store to CSV and download or automatically upload them via FTP. This user-friendly exporter will export customers with a minimum of hassle, export orders, and link orders to your shop’s customers.

Features Include:

  • Export customer data: name, email, addresses, whether a paying customer, and more
  • Define order export by date and status
  • Automatically export orders to CSV on a recurring basis via FTP or HTTP POST NEW
  • Automatically upload your CSV exports to a remote server via FTP NEW
  • Compatible with the CSV Import Suite format
  • View export status on the Orders screen NEW
  • Export individual orders from the Orders or Edit Order page NEW
  • Export order data: order amounts, linked customer, addresses, items, order notes, order numbers (works especially well when paired with the Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin), etc
  • Set a custom filename for exported files NEW
  • Export custom fields (meta) for customers and orders

Download an example Customer Export CSV here, and an example Order Export CSV here.

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