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Follow Up Emails WooCommerce Extension

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Official Page: woothemes.com, Documentations: docs.woothemes.com

Follow up emails is a powerful extension enabling you to automate your post purchase email marketing. Set up custom rules for emails to be sent at set intervals after product purchases, use it to up-sell, cross-sell, gather reviews, offer discounts and much more.

Emails can be sent on a variety of triggers:

  • Storewide Emails: Storewide emails will send to buyers of any and all products available on your store.
  • Category Emails: Send emails to customers who purchased from specific categories.
  • Product Emails: Send an email on purchase of a specific product.
  • Sign-up Emails: Sign up emails will send to a new customer.
  • Manual Emails: Manual emails allows you to compose emails within WordPress and send to any of your customers.
  • Customer Emails: Send automated emails to customers that reach specific shopping milestones in your store.
  • Subscription Emails: Send automated emails to customers based upon their subscriptions, you’ll need WooCommerce subscriptions for this feature.
  • WooCommerce Tickets Emails: Send automated emails to customers that sign up and buy tickets to your WooTickets events.
  • Points/Rewards Emails: Send automated emails to customers when they earn points, and when they earn points milestones, or to simply remind them to use their points and shop, you’ll need the Points & Rewards extension for this feature.

Assign these triggers to send at specific intervals:

  • X Minutes after
  • X Hours after
  • X Days after
  • X Weeks after
  • X Months after
  • X Years after
  • On a specific date and time

Powerful shortcodes are included to heavily personalise emails with customers names, products purchased and more, see the full list here.

Follow Up Emails

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